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 Las Vegas Recording Artist

Wanting to do music since a young age Oscar connects his motivation to watching Stars like Tupac, Eminem, and Dr. Dre who are iconic names in the music industry. Having started to make music in 2010 it became more than just a passion he proceeded to state “ It just became who I am”,  spending all of his time making music and short films. When asked what was his opinion on the music industry he responded with "As I come up in the game I realize how it was nothing like I dreamed it to be, it's really a f*****-up industry and everyone has their motives nothing is genuine anymore. I used to really only make music for the girls I had a crush on at the moment but now I feel like my greater purpose is to fight the devil in the industry because all these rappers only feed us b******* about drugs and b****** and getting lit." And from now on he was going to strive to inspire and teach people that everything is not what it seems to be and it's just b******* to keep the public stupid. So his message to his fans and to others is that we shouldn't believe everything we see or hear but instead seek the truth.

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Dallas Recording Artist & Producer

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